Amplifier EVM enables users to evaluate device in both stereo and mono mode

01-10-2019 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

Texas Instruments TAS5806MDEVM Amplifier EVM showcases the latest company digital input stereo Class-D audio amplifier with enhanced processing and DirectPath HP driver.

The evaluation module is utilised in conjunction with the PurePath Console Motherboard and the PurePath Console 3 Software. There are two of the devices present on the evaluation module, which enables the user to evaluate the device in both stereo and mono mode. Furthermore, having two devices on the evaluation module enables the user to evaluate process flows that are particularly created for stereo, mono or 2.1 systems. The PVDD supply is provided via the device and is regulated to 5VDC and 3.3VDC on the PPCMB. The PPCMB offers the I2S, I2C, and 3.3VDC to the device.

The device offers 96kHz Input sample rate support and is 2.0, Mono and 2.1 capable. The device operates in BTL or PBTL.

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