Ultra-small SAW devices address the demands of 5G

25-09-2019 | Murata | Subs & Systems

Murata offers new surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices for RF filtering and duplexer tasks. The devices satisfy the ongoing and ever-increasing demand to decrease the size of components in mobile phones, particularly with the coming of 5G.

The company's SAYAV/SAYAR series for duplexing come in the 1612 size, and the SAFFW series in 0907 size for Rx filtering. They are claimed to be the world's smallest devices with comparable or better characteristics contrasted to conventional SAW devices.

For use in smart phones, WiFi home routers, M2M modules (industrial) and other IoT devices with LTE and WiFi, these SAW devices will interest engineers who are evolving consumer and industrial devices with an LTE/Wifi function.

Using its in-house experience and technology, the company has successfully created the devices to be smaller-sized products that maintain low frequencies, notwithstanding the technical challenges in doing so. One of the principal benefits of this to the designer being that the tiny devices handle frequency bands from 800MHz to 2.6GHz. So in their smaller sizes, the devices meet or have better performance characteristics than similar products from competitors.

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