New driver IC offers an energy and cost-efficient alternative for obsolete devices

30-09-2019 | Toshiba-Europe | Semiconductors

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a dual-channel solenoid driver IC that gives a high-voltage drive with low ON resistance.

The new TB67S112PG driver IC is ideal for a extensive assortment of applications incorporating domestic appliances (air-conditioners and refrigerators), industrial equipment (banking terminals such as ATMs, office automation equipment, and factory automation equipment).

The company's solenoid driver IC lineup currently includes four- and eight-channel devices (TB67S111PG and TB67S158NG/FTG). The new device completes the lineup, by offering support for dual-channel applications at a more economical price point.

The new device includes two channels, each consisting of a low-side MOSFET and a regenerative common diode that can independently drive a solenoid or relay at voltages up to 50V. A low ON resistance of only 0.3Ohm provides for a higher output voltage, producing higher motor torque, and decreasing heat generation through motor operation. Safe operation is facilitated through the provision of overcurrent detection (ISD), UVLO detection and TSD, which, also, sets a flag to notify the system controller of a thermal shutdown event.

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