Evaluation module integrates battery charge management IC for wearable devices

23-09-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments BQ25155EVM Evaluation Module is an integrated battery charge management IC that combines the most common functions for wearable devices. These incorporate a linear charger, regulated output, load switch, manual reset with timer, ADC, ship mode and advanced powerpath.

The module provides a low quiescent current during operation and shutdown allows maximum battery life. The device supports charge currents from 1.25mA to 500mA. Parameters such as input current limit, charge current, regulated PMID output, LDO output voltage are programmable through the I2C interface. The module also highlights a multi-point ADC to measure various parameters on the charger, as well as an optional ADC input. A standard li-ion charge profile charges the battery with three phases: constant current, constant voltage, and precharge.