DDR4 SDRAM ideal for telecom networking, automotive and industrial embedded computing

02-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

ISSI 512Mbx8 and 256Mbx16 DDR4 SDRAM are high-speed dynamic random-access memory devices internally organised with an eight-bank setup. Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory banks are organized into two groups, each with four DRAM banks. DDR4 SDRAM uses a 8n prefetch architecture to deliver high-speed operation. The devices achieve high-speed data transfer rates up to 2666Mbps, making them excellent for telecom and networking, automotive, and industrial embedded computing.

Some of the suitable applications include SDN and NFV, access and aggregation nodes, switches and routers, packet optical transport, and network storage; automotive solutions including infotainment, telematics, driver information systems; and industrial solutions including human-machine interface and embedded computing.

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