Smart gate drivers ideal for 12V and 24V automotive motor-control applications

01-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DRV8340-Q1 Automotive 6V to 60V three-phase Smart Gate Drivers give three half-bridge gate drivers, each able to drive high-side and low-side N-channel power MOSFETs. The independent MOSFET control is enabled by the dedicated Source and Drain pins for solenoid application.

Employing an integrated charge pump, the device produces the correct gate drive voltages satisfactory for the high-side MOSFETs and a linear regulator for the low-side MOSFETs. The device functions from a single power supply and has a broad input supply range of 5.5V to 60V for the gate driver. The Smart Gate Drive architecture maintains peak gate drive currents up to 1A source and 2A. Simple interfacing to controller circuits is through the 6x, 3x, 1x, and independent input PWM modes. The gate driver and device settings are extremely configurable through the SPI or hardware (H/W) interface.

The device comprises internal protection functions for undervoltage lockout, charge pump fault, MOSFET short circuit, MOSFET overcurrent, phase-node short to supply and ground, gate driver fault, and overtemperature. Low-power sleep mode is used to achieve low quiescent current. The devices are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.

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