Shield module is simple to integrate into any existing system

27-08-2019 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices EVAL-CN0418-ARDZ Shield offers a complete, fully isolated and highly flexible, four-channel analog output system. This system is fit for PLCs and DCS. This is excellent for applications that need ±5V, ±10V and 4mA to 20mA current output with HART-compatibility.

All outputs are protected from transients and ideal for harsh industrial environments. The HART compatibility offers a simple-to-use complete field communications solution that is low cost and very reliable. The circuit is powered from a standard 24V bus supply, with on-board filtering and protection circuitry.

This module is simple to integrate into any current system because many factories and industrial environments power their PLC/DCS from a 24V standard bus line. The module can also be powered from other standard supplies, starting from 12VDC to 28VDC.

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