Heat pipes provide adaptable methods to cool hot components

12-08-2019 | Advanced Thermal Solutions | Subs & Systems

Advanced Thermal Solutions has extended its line of flat and round copper heat pipes for electronics thermal management. More than 350 of their standard heat pipes provide low-cost cooling solutions for cloud and edge computing, aerospace, agtech, robotics, electric vehicles, medical and consumer electronics, telecommunications, data communications, HVAC and more. They give stand-alone cooling and can be coupled with heat spreading devices to achieve high levels of passive or active cooling.

The heat pipes transfer component heat with a minimal temperature difference to distribute heat efficiently across heat spreaders. The liquid in the heat pipe changes to vapour by absorbing heat and eliminating thermal energy from hot component surfaces. The vapour progresses to the cold end of the pipe, releases latent heat and condenses back to liquid. The liquid returns to the hot interface along an internal copper wick to give continuous thermal management.

Every one of the company's heat pipes comprises of a sealed copper tube, internal copper wick structure, and distilled water as its working fluid. Round profile heat pipes are supplied in lengths 200-300mm and diameters from 4-8mm. Flat profile heat pipes range in length from 100-250mm, widths from 8.2-10.5mm, and heights from 2.5-4.5mm. Weights range from 8-33g. They are effective in temperatures ranging from 30C-120C. Other fluids and sizes can be provided with custom heat pipe designs by the company.

The cold end of the copper heat pipe connects easily to most heat sinks, giving effective cooling when a heat sink can’t be implemented directly on a heat source. The finished heat pipes can be formed by hand or machine. They can be friction fit, soldered, clamped, or adhesively attached.

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