Connect further with new BNC to AMC cable assemblies

15-08-2019 | Amphenol | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol RF has expanded their cable assembly line with new BNC bulkhead to AMC micro connector series which is ideal for IoT, broadband and instrumentation applications. This new series features the popular BNC connector to compact AMC micro connector created with the universally used RG-178 cable. This assembly blends the quick connect and disconnect versatility of the bayonet coupling mechanism with the most commonly used micro RF connector on the market making it ideal for IoT, broadband, LAN, instrumentation and medical applications.

The new series highlights a straight BNC bulkhead jack on one end, which provides for various mounting options, connected to a right angle AMC plug. The durable RG-178 cable can be employed in more rugged environments unsuited for many standard micro cables. The BNC to AMC fixed-length cable assembly is offered in standard metric lengths of 50mm through 300mm, with custom lengths offered through their RF cable assembly configurator, QuickBuild RF.

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