BPSK flexible wireless data modulator simplifies design for licenced frequency bands

27-08-2019 | CML Micro | Subs & Systems

CML Microcircuits has introduced the CMX7146, a flexible data modulator that simplifies the design of transmit-only solutions using binary phase-shift keying and differential BPSK modulation (also noted as PRK, phase reversal keying, or 2PSK).

The device generates precise baseband analogue in-phase and quadrature signals with programmable signal filtering. This generates a signal with high accuracy ready for transmission and ideal for up-conversion to an RF carrier of the user’s choice.

Compared to other BPSK solutions, the device provides greater flexibility, with greater support for low-speed BPSK modulation. It provides extensive configuration in terms of data rates and modulation shaping while allowing users to customise transmit frequencies and channel bandwidths using an external RF modulator.

David Brooke, product manager for CML’s Wireless Voice and Data products, said, “We are seeing a lot of interest in satellite IoT applications that monitor very remote equipment and send relatively small messages. For these kinds of functions, the new CMX7146 will give developers a quick and easy route to deploying a robust transmitter.”

By Natasha Shek