Technology platform designed for next-generation automotive applications

18-07-2019 | X-FAB | Automotive & Transport

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE offers the availability of new high-voltage primitive devices aimed at the expanding market for automotive 48V board net and battery management system (BMS) ICs.

Covering voltages of 70V to 125V, these complementary NMOS/PMOS devices are based on the company’s XT018 BCD-on-SOI platform with DTI and support for automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 0 products. They give competitive on-resistance (Rdson) figures, while still affording robust safe-operating areas for Rdson, Idsat and Vth. A highly effective ESD protection mechanism has been included to secure long-term operational reliability. Also, high-voltage N-channel depletion transistors based on the new voltage classes are also offered. These will allow simple, area-efficient start-up circuitry and voltage regulator implementations to be achieved.

“As the premier high-voltage SOI foundry, X-FAB is now better positioned than ever to support automobile electrification,” states X-FAB CEO Rudi De Winter. “This extension to the popular XT018 platform further strengthens our offering to the hybrid/electric vehicle sector. It means that through this, plus our SiC and galvanic isolation capabilities, we can supply clients with another vital building block that will help accelerate society’s migration to more environmentally friendly transportation.”

By Natasha Shek