Refrigerant-free assembly increases cooling performance in a smaller form factor

02-07-2019 | Laird | Subs & Systems

Laird Thermal Systems has extended its SuperCool Series product offering with the addition of three high-performance ultra-compact Peltier Cooler assemblies. The space-saving SuperCool Series is created for applications that need high cooling capacities in tight space constraints. The smaller, refrigerant-free thermoelectric assemblies offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to compressor-based systems for accurate temperature control.

The new series gives engineers three heat transfer options on the control side. Heat can be absorbed via conduction, liquid or convection. The Liquid to Air unit is only 230mm x 150mm x 109mm and provides a cooling capacity of 140W. The Direct to Air model is only 230mm x 123mm x 103mm and has a cooling capacity of 130W and the Air to Air unit is 230mm x 150mm x 156mm with a capacity of 110W. 

"Customers are requesting higher performance in smaller form factors. The SuperCool Series is designed to boost performance in medical and analytical instrumentation where space is a premium," said Andrew Dereka, product director at Laird Thermal Systems. "The environmentally friendly SuperCool Series can also be considered as a substitute technology for compressor-based systems where government regulations are mandating OEM’s move away from hazardous refrigerants that deplete ozone."

By Natasha Shek