Non-silicone-based TIM for burn-in and test applications

04-07-2019 | Indium Corporation | Subs & Systems

Indium Corporation has added to its range of thermal interface materials (TIMs) with the introduction of HSMF-OS, a non-silicone based metal/polymer material produced for burn-in and test applications.

The product is created for high insertion ability. Its high tensile strength and soft compliant polymer backing enable it to endure multiple insertions. The product has been tested to endure over 5,000 insertion cycles with no loss of performance.

One of the difficulties linked with a burn-in TIM is the attachment method. The product has inherent adhesive characteristics on one side that provide for hand placement, eliminating the requirement for these further steps and fixtures with no compromise of thermal performance. The opposite side is aluminium, and it does not mark or stain the DUI.

The product provides consistently excellent performance without phase change.

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