IR LEDs created for use in biometric applications

25-07-2019 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' SFH 4780S forms part of the IR OSLUX family and is available now from RS Components. The device has been created for use in biometric applications, for example, iris recognition in mobile devices. Their compact size also makes them ideal for these applications as space is limited. The IR LED’s black package enables the user to integrate its discretely into mobile devices.

With a particularly narrow emission angle at a low height, the devices offer optimum performance. This is made feasible by the lens matching to the internal reflector. The LEDs are flat top devices, despite the usage of a lens. Their compact package also allows the device to provide a particularly high performance-to-size ratio for energy-saving designs.

When the eye is illuminated with IR light, and a camera captures a picture of the iris, its characteristic features, which are individual for every person, can be identified. The IR LED provides a wavelength of 810nm. This falls between the 760-850nm needed for iris scanners and is ideal for capturing excellent results for all eye colours. Current iris scanner designs need multiple IR LEDs. The allows the user to produce a design using just one compact IR emitter.

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