Battery charger evaluation module facilitates high efficiency and high-accuracy voltage regulation

30-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments bq25886EVM Battery Charger Evaluation Module is used for the evaluation of the bq25886. The bq25886 is a highly integrated 2A boosting, 1.5MHz switch-mode battery charge management with power path for 2s Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery. The standalone feature sets all the charging parameters by external resistors. OTG buck operation allows the input port to supply power from the battery.

The EVM offers easy evaluation of the high-efficiency 2A, 1.5MHz integrated FET, switch-mode. Power path management enables instant-on and works without a battery or deeply discharged battery. An onboard USB input adapter for connecting to USB source and communication using the D+/D- function to set default input current limit.

The EVM offers onboard test points, sense resistors, and jumpers facilitate measurement of high-efficiency and high-accuracy voltage and current regulation.

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