New impedance and potentiostat analog front end for biological and chemical sensing

04-06-2019 | Analog Devices | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices has a new electrochemical and impedance measurement front end that facilitates the next generation of vital sign monitoring devices and intelligent electrochemical sensors. The analog front end includes both potentiostat and EIS functionality on a single chip, providing for sensor measurement in both time and frequency domains. The device provides integrated hardware accelerators for advanced sensor diagnostics, the best-in-class low noise for accurate sensor measurements and is created for wearable 'always-on' applications. In comparison to conventional discrete solutions which pose limitations and need multiple ICs to deliver similar performance, the company’s single chip solution provides advantages in terms of system accuracy and size flexibility to measure 2-Lead, 3-Lead and 4-Lead electrochemical sensors.

It is an excellent solution for applications, where high precision biological and chemical sensing is crucial, such as industrial gas sensing, liquid analysis, vital signs monitoring, material sensing, impedance spectroscopy and disease management.

By Natasha Shek