New family of EMI chokes for a wide variety of power line circuits

28-06-2019 | Coilcraft Europe | Passives

Coilcraft’s new Cx Family of surface-mount common mode chokes comprises of 16 sizes/configurations for a wide variety of power line circuits. They suppress high-frequency common mode noise up to 100MHz and provide greater than 40dB common mode attenuation, making them excellent for use in consumer electronics and industrial applications.

All these EMI chokes provide a low-profile, toroidal construction in a surface-mount, magnetically-shielded package with footprints as small as 13mm x 13mm. They are offered with current ratings up to 10A (Irms) and provide 1000/1500Vrms isolation (hipot) between windings. The devices offer RoHS-compliant tin-silver-copper over tin over nickel over phos bronze terminations and withstand a reflow temperature up to a maximum of 260C.

By Natasha Shek