Ethernet transformers added to automotive magnetic range

21-06-2019 | Luso | Automotive Technologies

Elec&Eltek Magnetic Products has released their first two Ethernet transformers, especially for automotive applications. These devices are available now from Luso Electronics.

The A24V00009F (100Base-T) and A24V00010F (1000Base-T) both satisfy the AEC-Q200 demands and are produced in their own IATF16949 factory. With an operating temperature of -40C to 125C and in a compact 16pin SMD package these modules are expected to be the first in a family of products to meet this expanding market as major automotive manufacturers network products together substituting previously separate systems in the car such as external electronics, driver assistance system, infotainment, and various other control systems.

As Darren Simmons, VP Sales of EEMPL, advises: “Interconnecting these systems via a highspeed Ethernet standard backbone provides a host of advantages and provides the benefit of futureproofing the backbone as more and more applications are added into cars. Also, as the development continues of autonomous vehicles, Ethernet enables connectivity of all the required sensors inside and external to the car.”

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