Ultra-thin piezo speaker offers a wide dynamic range

23-05-2019 | TDK | Subs & Systems

TDK Corporation has created an ultra-thin piezoelectric speaker – PiezoListen – producing sound over a wider frequency range and claimed to offer a larger output in the low range than any existing piezoelectric speakers. It provides an operating frequency range of 400 to 20,000Hz and delivers a high sound pressure of 80dB, even at low voltages of 24VP-P or below. The speakers have a maximum output power of 34W and an impedance of 2 to 100Ohm. With a thickness of only 0.49mm, the device is also one of the thinnest piezo speakers currently available. The evolution of the low-profile, high-displacement piezoelectric element was made possible by the company's patented lamination and material technologies.

Due to its low profile, the device allows designers to overcome installation space constraints. Furthermore, the new speaker element provides a very flexible form and is, therefore, able to produce sound from many varied kinds of objects and materials. With the new piezo speakers, the company is assisting customers in creating innovative audio applications. Not only is the standard format for video content swiftly moving to 4K and 8K resolutions, but more and more video content is providing multichannel audio as well.

As well as the wide-range speaker, the product lineup is being extended over the coming year with a sound positioning speaker offering an operating frequency range of 1000 to 20,000Hz that will enable users to produce their own 3D audio experience. Possible applications for the device are speakers for televisions, tablets, laptops and other devices, as well as for surround sound systems.

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