Ultra-low-jitter clock with BAW resonator available now

14-05-2019 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

The LMK05318 network synchronizer clock is now available from Texas Instruments. Offering a BAW resonator, the ultra-low jitter single-channel clock for 400Gbps links enables systems to transmit more data faster while also giving higher margin for system jitter budgets than similar devices.

This network synchronizer clock is a high-performance network synchronizer clock device that offers jitter cleaning, clock generation, and advanced clock monitoring. The device’s ultra-low jitter, high PSNR, and the industry-best hitless switching performance produces the lowest bit errors for 56Gbps (and emerging 112Gbps) PAM4 links to allow better network performance.

The device can generate output clocks with 50fs RMS jitter using the company’s proprietary BAW VCO technology, independent of the jitter and frequency of the crystal oscillator and reference inputs. The device satisfies the timing demands of communications infrastructure and industrial applications, assisting system designers in streamlining design logistics for faster time to market while facilitating stable, simplified, high-performance data delivery.

For development, also offered, is the LMK05318EVM evaluation module. The LMK05318EVM incorporates SMA connectors for clock inputs, oscillator inputs, and clock outputs to interface the device with 50Ohm test equipment. The onboard crystal oscillator allows the device to be evaluated in free-running, locked, or holdover mode of operation. The EVM can be configured through the onboard USB microcontroller interface using a PC with the company’s TICS Pro software graphical user interface.

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