Step-down silent Switchers offer fast transient response with small external components

20-05-2019 | Analog Devices | Power

Linear Technology/Analog Devices LTC3309 Step-Down Silent Switchers are tiny, high-efficiency, and low-noise monolithic synchronous step-down DC-DC converters.

These switchers provide constant frequency, peak current mode control at up to 3MHz switching frequencies, and 22ns low minimum on-time. The switchers offer a fast transient response with small external components and incorporate silent Switcher architecture that reduces EMI emissions. These switchers also use low ripple Burst Mode operation with 40µA quiescent current (IQ). The switchers offer over-voltage/short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, clock synchronisation, and up to 100% duty cycle operation for low dropout.

Optical networking, servers, telecom, automotive, industrial, communications, and distributed DC power systems are some of typical applications for these devices.

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