New mass air flow sensors allow users to create a custom flow body design

23-05-2019 | Posifa Technologies | Test & Measurement

Posifa Technologies has introduced its new PMF6000 series of mass air flow sensors for application in bypass assemblies. Offering a manifold-mount design, the devices decrease system size and increase reliability while enabling users to establish proprietary calibration values.

Providing robust, compact packages, the series was developed especially for users requiring the flexibility of creating their own flow body and restrictor element. The devices' manifold-mount design excludes the requirement for hoses and external connections, reducing the overall system size and the number of potential leak points.

By employing the linearised factory calibration supplied by the company, users can build master calibration curves particular to their custom bypass design with minimum extra corrections in the creation process. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, the sensors offer users a competitive edge by enabling them to achieve their own calibration and manage the values within the company.

Measuring flow rates at 1000sccm (PMF6102) and 6000sccm (PMF6106), the devices provide remarkably fast response times of 5ms typical and operate over a -25C to +85C temperature range.