New addition to MOSFET family delivers up to 48x power density

10-05-2019 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has a new package in its MOSFET and LFPAK family which, when coupled with its latest silicon technology, results in 40V MOSFETs giving a low RDS(on) of 0.7mOhm. LFPAK88 devices succeed larger power packages such as D<sup>2</sup>PAK and D<sup>2</sup>PAK-7 and measuring 8mm x 8mm providing a footprint reduction of 60%, and a 64% lower profile.

Unlike other packages where performance is frequently restricted by internal bond wires, these devices use the copper-clip and solder die attach construction, providing low electrical and thermal resistance, good current spreading and heat dispersal. Also, the thermal mass of the copper-clip also decreases hot-spot formation which appears in improved avalanche energy (Eas) and linear-mode (SOA) performance. The blend of high continuous and demonstrated current rating ID(max) of 425A and low RDS(on) of 0.7mOhm in a smaller package size, displays market-leading power density of up to 48 times when compared to D2PAK devices.

Finally, the family, with its low-stress gull-wing leads is a more rugged and thermally robust package, producing reliability levels more than two times better than is needed by AEC-Q101. Comments Neil Massey, product manager at Nexperia: “Combining the LFPAK88 with our silicon technology results in MOSFETs that deliver 48x the power density of D2PAK. This proves that Nexperia, the inventor of the LFPAK, is still the leader in this technology.”

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