High efficiency thin-film power inductors for mobile devices

29-05-2019 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation has developed a miniaturised thin-film power inductor in an IEC 2012 case size that can manage greater currents compared to traditional products. The low-profile TFM201208ALD power inductor measures only 2mm x 1.25mm x 0.8mm and is offered with a rated inductance of 1┬ÁH.

Due to its reduced DC resistance of 79mOhm, which is 12% lower than that of conventional products, the device delivers low losses. Coupled with improved DC superposition characteristics, the new inductor provides a rated current of 2.5A, which is 4% higher than conventional products. Consequently, the new device assists to increase the power conversion efficiency of power circuits at high loads, particularly in the power circuits of compact mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This, in turn, serves to maximise battery life, while sustaining the high functionality of the devices.

The main applications for the new power inductors include power conversion circuits of compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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