Latest humidity and temperature sensor offers easy integration and replacement

08-04-2019 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components now offers the SHT85, the latest best-in-class temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion, the expert in environmental and flow sensing.

The new sensor builds upon the company's SHT3x series, which provides industry-proven CMOSens technology that for more than 10 years has offered highly accurate units with long-term stability. Adding to these capabilities, the device comes with a pin-type connector, which allows easy integration and replacement, and gives excellent thermal coupling to its surrounding environment as well as decoupling from potential heat sources on the main processing board.

Able to function in harsh environmental conditions, the device also features a PTFE membrane that satisfies the IP67 rating. Created to protect the sensor opening from water and dust, the use of the membrane means the response time of the RH signal is not affected.

“The Sensirion SHT85 humidity sensor is an exciting new product that integrates the accuracy and stability required for a wide range of projects in the industrial field, among many others,” said Andy Keenan, vice president product management
at RS. “The SHT85 is also an excellent complement to our extensive sensors portfolio, enabling customers to select the right device for their application.”

“RS is an important distribution partner, one that enables us to reach a substantial number of new potential customers – more than a million in fact – operating across a diverse selection of industrial sectors that are key for this sensor and many other of our products,” said Florian Hirsch, director channel sales at Sensirion. “RS’ customer base is key to helping us improve market penetration, and its approach to market with first-class product services and innovative tools and solutions offered via its DesignSpark platform further add value.”

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