Constant current LED driver ideal for street and urban lighting

18-04-2019 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

The Osram Constant Current LED Driver from the OPTOTRONIC Series offers easy and fast wireless luminaire programming via NFC with a flexible current setting with one additional wire. The device has AstroDIM for autonomous dimming with five independent levels. The device's standby power consumption is < 0.5W. Overtemperature protection is via external NTC. Also featured is an integrated, customizable thermal management (Driver Guard).

The device provides easy and fast wireless luminaire programming with very high efficiency. The driver has a wide current output range: 200mA…1050mA with high surge protection of up to 10kV (in protection class I or II). The device has high flexibility due to the wide operating temperature range of -40C-55C or 60C. Protection is offered through double isolation between mains input and LED output.

Typical applications include street and urban lighting and for outdoor applications in luminaires with IP>65.

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