Compact SIP9, medically approved DC-DC converter saves PCB space

08-03-2019 | XP | Power

Featuring an outstanding power density of 26W/in3, XP Power’s SIP9 packaged, 5W-rated, IMM05 converter utilises 65% less PCB area than comparable products and with the very low 2uA leakage current makes it excellent for medical BF and CF applications. Approved for worldwide 60601-1 medical applications, the IMM05 features a 2:1 input range, 1500VAC isolation, and 1X MOPP at 250Vrms. The converter works over a temperature range of -20C to 100C, with a full load capability to 60C. The converter draws a low standby current of just 2.5mA when inhibited, with standard control and protection features including remote on/off, output short circuit and overload protection. The device’s small size, only 26mm x 9.3mm x 12.5mm for the SIP-9 packaged converter, takes up minimal PCB space affording the product designer with more room to add extra features or reduce the overall size of the end product. A broad range of models is available with three input voltage ranges covering 4.5-9.0V, 9.0-18.0V and 18.0-36.0V, four single output models 0f 3.3, 5, 12 and 15V and two dual output models of +/-12 and +/-15V. The device is approved for healthcare applications such as instrumentation, diagnostics and distributed power architectures where medical approval is required.

By Craig Dyball