Fibre-optic transmitters engineered for shorter lead times

27-03-2019 | TT Electronics | Subs & Systems

TT Electronics has launched their OPF350A, and OPF352A evolved fibre optic transmitter solutions based on 850nm LED technology. Engineered for field-proven reliability and consistent high-output performance, the new devices allow equipment makers to decrease turnaround times and simplify procurement and planning.

The devices are equivalent alternatives to the existing OPF370A and OPF372A products and come with the same ST-style package. The new fibre optic transmitters also enhance performance with up to 8% more optical power with different fibre sizes such as 50/125µm-200/300µm.

The new devices are ideal for telecom and data-communication applications at up to 35MHz. Typical uses comprise power generation communications, industrial Ethernet equipment, intra-system fibre-optic links, copper-to-fibre media conversion, and video surveillance systems.

The OPF350A in TO-18 package is preferred for applications that necessitate high thermal stability across the industrial temperature range of -40C to 100C and provides a robust alternative to the OPF370A in addition to shorter lead times.

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