Enhanced LoRa communication modules for IoT has improved performance at lower cost

18-03-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components has introduced two new series of RF modules from RF Solutions that is aimed at use in LoRa-based LPWAN applications for the IoT.

The LAMBDA62 series operates in the 868/915MHz frequency band and gives an RF output power of +22dBm, which represents an improvement of +2dBm over existing devices. The modules also give an increasingly sensitive receiver offering of –148dBm compared with –137dBm. Another key feature is the modules’ particularly lower current consumption of 4.6mA in LoRa transceive mode compared to 10mA offered by previous generation units.

As well as achieving improved performance, the modules are now offered at a lower price than existing devices.

The company is also stocking the LAMBDA80 series of LoRa modules, which is based on the recently released Semtech SX1280 silicon, intended for operation at 2.4GHz. The SX1280 transceiver achieves ultra-long-range communication in the higher frequency band, together with the linearity to withstand heavy interference, plus minimal current consumption. This series offers much higher bandwidth, or data rates, than the 868/915MHz versions, thereby opening up new application possibilities that can profit from the long-range and higher data rates. Also, use of the 2.4GHz band means the module can be deployed worldwide.

Offered in SMT and DIP packages, the series combines a crystal, impedance matching network and track layout to offer a simple digital interface and a direct antenna connection. Programming of the modules can be accomplished via the SPI interface.

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