Easy EMC compliance by using line inductors DC-DC converters

07-03-2019 | Recom International | Passives

Complementary to its DC-DC converter portfolio, RECOM now provides its RLS line inductor series, which has been pre-tested to meet both conducted and radiated interference limits.

It is often required to add further filter components to a DC-DC converter module to satisfy Class A or Class B EMC limits. To create such an EMC filter, inductors from a variety of different manufacturers can be chosen. Although these different inductors have comparable technical specs, they can exhibit a significant deviation when managing EMI frequency interferences. As it is also imperative that the filter circuit matches the DC-DC converter characteristics over the full frequency range, the company now provides its RLS series which has been pre-tested and matched with their converters to pass both conducted and radiated interference limits. With the company's solution, the customer can be assured that they can pass both conducted and radiated EMC tests.

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