RF antenna module uses optimised antenna beamforming for next-gen wireless networks

26-03-2019 | Murata | Subs & Systems

Murata now offers a high gain antenna module that supports communication up to 4.62Gbps. The new millimetre-wave RF antenna module will add to the creation of next-generation wireless networks that employ the 60GHz frequency by supporting the IEEE802.11ad millimetre-wave wireless LAN standard.

Dubbed LBKA0ZZ1NH-317, the new module is expected to be employed in a broad range of applications such as the communication between mobile phone base stations which includes next-generation 5G wireless communication, for communication between Wi-Fi hotspots, and wireless communication networks in smart cities.

The company's RF module achieves optimised antenna beamforming using a proprietary LTCC circuit board capable of facilitating high-precision 60GHz band communication. Also, to communicate through a standalone module, by blending multiple modules it is feasible to extend the communication range and link outdoor base stations several hundred metres apart for multi-gigabit communication. The LTCC circuit board’s high heat resistance and low moisture absorption assure exceptional operational reliability and allow use even in outdoor base station environments.

The module displays a high gain of 37.5dBm typical EIRP with CW signal and saturated power. The RFIC in the module can support multi-tile RF module operation. It assists users get higher output power, better Rx sensitivity and longer communication distance.

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