New extended line of skew matched cable pairs for high-speed networking and supercomputing

05-03-2019 | Fairview | Subs & Systems

Fairview Microwave has expanded its line of skew matched cable pairs to carry 40GHz and 67GHz versions that are perfect for the construction of high-data-rate digital systems. The company's extended line consists of seven models, three original and four new, offered in 40GHz and 67GHz versions. These delay matched cables are provided with 2.92mm or 1.85mm connectors and polarity indicators for matched cable ends. Performance specs comprise an impressive VSWR of 1.4:1 and delay match as low as 1ps. These remarkably flexible cable pair models are 100% tested for skew match. “We are excited to expand this impressive line of skew matched pairs. These models deliver extreme flexibility and optimal delay match to reduce measurement errors created by skew,” said Dan Birch, product manager.

By Electropages Admin