Micro miniature slide potentiometers offer smooth and durable performance

14-02-2019 | TT Electronics | Passives

TT Electronics has combined miniaturisation with economy in the PSM050S-10B10KB – part of the PSM series of long-life miniature PCB mount slide potentiometers for audio, consumer, medical, and industrial applications.

Available in six resistance variants ranging from 500Ohm to 50kOhm, and offering a linear response with better than 5% linearity tolerance, the 10mW micro miniature potentiometer has a voltage rating of 100VAC and operating temperature range of -10C to +70C. The carbon resistive element is tough and precise, ensuring resistance tolerance within ±20%.

These potentiometers are engineered to give a smooth sliding action for a satisfying user experience and exceptional reliability, with a rated lifetime of 5000 cycles. Designers can choose from 4mm, 5mm or 10mm of mechanical travel, and the slim package width of just 5mm reduces PCB real estate and simplifies board layout.

The series is offered in both surface-mount design and wave-solder compatible through-hole variants. There is also a choice of 1.2mm or 2.2mm slide-lever length to satisfy mechanical constraints such as front-panel thickness.

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