Dual SPST switches ideal for portable applications

15-02-2019 | Texas Instruments | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Texas Instruments TMUX612x 36V switches provide two independently selectable SPST switches. The device works well with dual supplies (±5V to ±16.5V), a single supply (10V to 16.5V), or asymmetric supplies. All digital inputs have TTL compatible thresholds. This assures both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility.

The devices are turned on with Logic 1 on the digital control inputs in the TMUX6121; Logic 0 is needed to turn on switches in the TMUX6122. The TMUX6123 has one switch with comparable digital control logic to the TMUX6121 while the logic is inverted on the other switch. The TMUX6123 offers break-before-make switching, allowing the device to be used in the cross-point switching application. The devices have very low leakage current and low charge injection, allowing usage in high-precision measurement applications. A low supply current of 16µA makes the switches ideal in portable applications.

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