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29-11-2022 | WIN SOURCE | Semiconductors

WIN SOURCE has served EMS, OEMs, CEMS and ODEMS globally since 1999. It is a leading independent distributor in Asia, stocking more than one million SKUs of electronic components from over 3500+ manufacturers in a one-stop online store.

Based on continuous optimization of the electronics manufacturing procurement chain, WIN SOURCE relying on their own big data IT service platform, continuously optimize their online shopping platform and supplier network to meet the customers' needs and achieve one-stop BOM, quick access to Shortage & Obsolete inventory, and continuous optimization to reduce sourcing and production costs.

It is a reliable and trustworthy source for delivering difficult to find electronic components with 24-hour delivery and a 365-day warranty. Buying from the company avoids the often-challenging task of finding obsolete and common-used components on the open market with the risk of receiving counterfeit parts and faulty or damaged components from unscrupulous companies.

Whether a client is looking to source stock of difficult to find components or endeavouring to lower components costs, WIN SOURCE's highly trained engineers deliver engineering and alternative source solutions, avoiding expensive supply chain interruptions with its often-long lead time, allocation or obsolescence issues.

They can reduce administrative costs and component stock holding, allowing customers to focus on their core manufacturing skills. The company can also find form-fit-function cross-references, avoiding redesigns and delivering multi-sourcing options that proactively assist with engineers' design decisions.

Those scarce and obsolete electronic components, long delivery times and high procurement costs are just three of the major issues affecting electronic equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the electrical and electronic industries. WIN SOURCE online store provides detailed information about the manufacturer, and the parts stock, together with product datasheets and tech support phone numbers. Customers can browse its inventory by manufacturer to locate the parts keeping a company's production running smoothly. Once the particular part is specified, a customer can use the company website's global part search utility to check stock, order parts or submit a request for a quote.

After 23 years of development, WIN SOURCE has built an independent and well-established supplier management system with a strict supplier approval process, a flexible real-time procurement process, and the integration of the most direct sources of electronic parts from all over Asia, allowing customers to expand their business with the lowest procurement cost. It has been using IDEA-QMS-909 and other quality management system standards to develop WIN SOURCE's unique quality control system, from packaging inspection and shipment labelling inspection to product Visual Inspection and Non-destructive Testing, and to comply with precise environmental and humidity controls and ANSI/ ESD S20.20 handling processes.

WIN SOURCE has provided a high-standard Quality Management System since its Quality Testing Department was created in 1999. They are continuously maintained for effectiveness and process improvements in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. In addition, WIN SOURCE is AS9120B, ISO13485, ISO28000, ISO9001, ISO27001 and ERAI & ESDS20.20 certified.

WIN SOURCE achieves not only precision but also efficiency.


By Seb Springall

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