SBD achieves class-leading trr by adopting a trench MOS structure

20-02-2024 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM has developed 100V breakdown SBDs that deliver industry-leading trr for power supply and protection circuits in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Although many types of diodes exist, highly efficient SBDs are increasingly being employed inside a variety of applications. Particularly SBDs with a trench MOS structure that provide lower VF than planar types allow higher efficiency in rectification applications. One drawback of trench MOS structures, however, is that they generally feature worse trr than planar topologies – resulting in higher power loss when utilised for switching.

In response, the company developed a new series using a proprietary trench MOS structure that simultaneously decreases VF and IR (which are in a trade-off relationship) while also attaining class-leading trr.

Expanding on the four existing conventional SBD lineups optimised for a variety of needs, the YQ series is the company's first to adopt a trench MOS structure. The proprietary design attains class-leading trr of 15ns that decreases trr loss by approx. 37% and overall switching loss by approximately 26% over general trench-type MOS products, contributing to lower application power consumption. The new structure also improves VF and IR loss compared to conventional planar type SBDs. This results in lower power loss when used in forward bias applications such as rectification, while also providing less risk of thermal runaway which is a major concern with SBDs. As such, they are excellent for sets needing high-speed switching, such as drive circuits for automotive LED headlamps and DC-DC converters in xEVs that are prone to generate heat.

Typical application examples include automotive LED headlamps, xEV DC-DC converters, power supplies for industrial equipment, and lighting.


By Seb Springall

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