Partnership boosts wireless lighting within smart buildings

22-02-2019 | OSRAM | Lighting Technologies

OSRAM provides interoperability between the Casambi CBU-DCS module and OSRAM DEXAL driver. Accordingly, the module is registered as an official ‘Works with OSRAM DEXAL’ component. This emphasises the capability of lighting professionals to implement a broad range of sophisticated lighting solutions in smart buildings.

This interoperability means that the drivers can be connected seamlessly via a single interface, utilising Casambi’s lighting management system along with 'Casambi Ready' luminaires, components and control devices from an increasing list of leading manufacturers. The compatibility with DEXAL interface technology will allow simpler lighting installations across a wide range of applications.

Casambi’s CEO Timo Pakkala comments: “OSRAM’s DEXAL interface technology enhances Casambi’s intentions to continue to offer high performing, functional and interoperable solutions to our customers based on standards and de facto solutions that are successful in the market place. The fast-growing Casambi ecosystem is controlled in seamless harmony, and Casambi views interoperability with DALI as very important.”

Hannes Wagner, senior product manager at OSRAM Digital, comments: “The goal of our ‘Works with OSRAM DEXAL’ partner programme is to enable our OEM partners to become active participants into the dynamic and rapidly growing world of connected lighting. We strongly believe in partnerships to make a wide variety of connected lighting solutions available to the market. The compatibility between our Dexal LED drivers and Casambi’s control module supports the growing demand for connected devices.”

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