Ceramic terminal blocks for high-temperature applications

27-02-2019 | Hylec-APL | Subs & Systems

A range of terminal blocks that can withstand extreme temperatures is offered by Hylec-APL. Steatite High-Temperature Terminal Blocks are dimensionally stable up to 1,000C. They are ideal for applications such as boilers, cookers, water heaters, injection moulding machines, and other uses where connections are required around heating/heating and hot water equipment. The blocks range offers robust ceramic construction with nick-plated brass inserts and zinc-plated steel screws. The range is available in two variants, with and without steel inserts. The standard range provides ten different models: two single pole versions to suit 4mm2 and 10mm2 standard conductor sizes with maximum current of 32A and 41A; three 2-pole models, with the larger device suitable for up to 57A maximum current; three 3-pole models (32A, 41A and 57A maximum current) and two 4-pole versions (32A and 41A). They are provided in off-white. The terminal blocks with steel inserts give extra strength and stability. Four models are offered: a two pole and a three pole to suit 32A (max) current applications and a two pole and a three pole for applications up to 41A. Sizes are range between 15.6mm high x 18mm wide x 21mm long up to 23mm high x 29.5mm wide x 52mm long. The family is RoHS compliant, VDE and CE approved.

By Electropages Admin