E-band transceiver modules target 5G backhaul

11-02-2019 | Filtronic | Subs & Systems

Filtronic plc has announced a significant milestone with a total of 25,000 high-performance E-band transceiver modules shipped since the company entered this growing market.

The wide bandwidths available in the E-band spectrum (71-76GHz and 81-86GHz) provide OEMs with the ability to offer mobile network operators with multi-Gbps backhaul and fronthaul. E-band is undergoing significant growth following its recent identification as one of the crucial wireless technologies needed to meet the critical backhaul capacity demands of 5G networks. Systems containing the company's core E-band technology have been exhibited at data rates up to 40Gbps.

“Our latest generation E-band transceiver product, Orpheus, went into production in 2016, and since then 10,000 Orpheus modules have been shipped to several customers, including leading OEMs, for incorporation into their high-capacity mobile backhaul radio solutions,” said Rob Smith, CEO of Filtronic. “This recent success has added to the large number of earlier-generation E-band products we had shipped, taking us past the 25,000 milestone. Strong ongoing orders have also been secured out to the financial year-end.”

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 25-28 February 2019, Stand 7B11 in Hall 7

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