DC-DC converters for railway and rugged environment applications

22-01-2019 | XP | Power

XP Power has launched two series of wide input range, cost-effective, high-power density DC-DC converters for railway traction and rolling stock applications. The devices’ wide input ranges decrease inventory needs and allow them to be applied across a broad range of applications. The 20W rated RDE20 series feature a 4:1 input range covering 24, 37.5 and 48VDC nominal on the 13-70VDC input versions and 72 and 110VDC nominal on the 42-176VDC versions. The 25W rated RDF25 series converters possess an ultra-wide 10:1 input range of 16-160VDC comprising all nominal inputs from 24VDC to 110VDC with one device. Certified to EN50155 and EN50121-3-2, the converters provide the all-important safety approvals and EMC demands for railway applications. Moreover, developed to EN45545-2 they satisfy the relevant fire protection standards. Using a small number of external filtering components, these devices provide a very high-power density in comparison to other products that satisfy these industry standards. This high-power density makes them notably suitable for space-constrained applications, particularly the RDE20 that possesses a tiny 1" x 1" footprint package size. Particular train borne applications in traction and rolling stock include safety monitors, door control, communication systems, video surveillance, drive controls, access and ticketing machines, power controls, information systems, lighting, passenger device-charging USB ports, sanitation control, infotainment, HVAC systems, system monitoring and telemetry. Their construction also makes them ideal for rugged environment applications.

By Craig Dyball