Compact, professional multimeter with built-in infrared camera

03-12-2018 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company offers the HT Mercury Digital Multimeter - a true RMS DMM capable of measuring AC/DC voltage up to 1000V, AC/DC current up to 10A as well as resistance, diode test, frequency, continuity test, capacitance and temperature with K-type probe. The built-in infrared camera with 80x80 pixel resolution can obtain simultaneous readings of thermal as well as electrical values for a device under test. The thermal camera serves to simply and quickly identify hot spots caused by electrical problems, shorts, or malfunctions. The infrared sensor can detect a temperature range from -20C to 260C with 0.1C sensitivity. This versatile DMM provides a data logging functionality which can measure and save recordings of each parameter, and also display values on a helpful analogue bargraph on the LCD. Thermal snapshots can be stored in BMP format on a micro SD card. Datalogging and displayed graphs can be stored in the internal memory and on the SD card. A built-in Bluetooth connection can wirelessly access other mobile devices (tablet/smartphone) through the HTMercury App for quickly creating reports of measurement results.

By Electropages Admin