Low-noise operational amplifier for wideband transimpedance and voltage amplifier applications

02-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments OPA859 Wideband Low-Noise Operational Amplifier comes with CMOS inputs for wideband transimpedance and voltage amplifier applications. When the device is configured as a TIA, the 0.9GHz GBWP allows high closed-loop bandwidths in low-capacitance photodiode applications.

The device is optimised to operate in optical ToF systems where it is used with time-to-digital converters, such as the TDC7201. The device can be used to drive a high-speed ADC in high-resolution LIDAR systems with a differential output amplifier, such as the THS4541 or LMH5401.

Typical applications include high-speed transimpedance amplifier, laser distance measurement, CCD output buffer, high-speed buffer, optical time domain reflectometry, high-speed active filter, 3D scanner, silicon photomultiplier buffer amplifier, and photomultiplier tube post amplifier.

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