Evaluation module demos function and versatility of dual-channel amplifier

15-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments OPA2810DGKEVM Evaluation Module demonstrates the functionality and versatility of the dual-channel OPA2810 amplifier in the DGK (VSSOP-8) package. The OPA2810 FET-input, voltage-feedback operational amplifier offers a very low input bias current. The module uses onboard connectors, providing ease-of-use to signal source, test instruments, and power supply. Also, the module is configured for easy connection with common 50Ohm laboratory equipment at its inputs and outputs.

The device has a total onboard load of 2kOhm to each amplifier. These individual amplifiers are configured for single-ended input with a non-inverting signal gain of 1V/V. The device is easily configured for other functions, gains, and single- or split-supply operation.

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