New high-speed protector family provides simple to use RS-485 interface protection

16-11-2018 | Bourns | Subs & Systems

Bourns has new Model TBU-DF and TBU-DB-Q high-speed protector (HSP) device families. These remarkably fast (react in <1 millisecond), very precise semiconductor-based protectors offer a simple-to-use data line protection solution that provides inherent coordination with peripheral circuitry and fewer variables that the designer needs to consider. The TBU-DF model is created to meet the protection demands of RS-485 interfaces that are employed for data collection and remote sensing in new IoT, factor and home automation applications and in process control, and test and measurement equipment. The AEC-Q101-compliant series matches the protection demands of battery sensing/balancing applications such as those in new battery management systems. "Demand for Bourns TBU HSPs has grown steadily over the past several years. One of the main reasons is that TBU devices supply a single protection solution that is simple and straight-forward. Instead of possibly having to select more than one overtemperature and overcurrent solution, a TBU HSP is able to handle multiple threats – from induced lightning surges and ESD to installation errors and cabling fault issues," said Ben Huang, product line manager for semiconductors at Bourns.

By Craig Dyball