New ultraminiature, high-frequency integrated thin film band-pass filters

08-11-2018 | AVX | Subs & Systems

AVX Corporation has a new 0805-case BP Series multilayer, ITF band-pass filters. Created for broad compatibility with a wide range of high-frequency wireless applications, including satellite TV receivers, GPS, mobile communications systems, vehicle-locating systems, and wireless LANs, the series is offered in five frequency bands spanning 1,308MHz to 4,320MHz with 50Ohm characteristic impedance, and is rated for 5W continuous power, and operating temperatures spanning -40C to +85C. The new filters also show low insertion loss and sharp roll-off, providing excellent high-frequency performance in an ultraminiature, low-profile case which measures only 2.03mm x 1.55mm x 0.8mm (±0.1mm), and are ruggedly constructed and packaged on tape and reel for reliable automatic assembly.

"Our new high-performance, integrated thin-film band-pass filters provide wireless systems engineers with peak performance and quality in an ultraminiature 0805 chip size especially designed for the smaller and more crowded PCBs that next-generation wireless electronics are based on," said Larry Eisenberger, principal technical marketing engineer at AVX. "Initial releases have been well received, and plans to extend this range of high-performance filters to cover the 1-5GHz range are already in the works."

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