New speed sensor IC ideal for two-wheeled vehicles

30-11-2018 | Allegro | Automotive Technologies

Allegro Microsystems Europe has released its A17301, a new Hall effect sensor IC perfect for two-wheeled vehicles, especially in position and timing applications like speedometers and tachometers for engine control. Integrating EMC components into a small SIP package, the device is a strong solution for digital ring-magnet sensing or ferromagnetic target sensing when coupled with a back-biasing magnet. This new device removes the necessity for external filter capacitors while enhancing reliability and decreasing the cost of a final sensor assembly. The IC incorporates dual Hall-effect elements with 2.2mm spacing and signal processing that switches in response to differential magnetic signals. “The A17301 uses Allegro’s differential architecture, which inherently avoids the flatline and chatter issues that single Hall element solutions often face,” explained Bob Fortin, vice president of Allegro’s Sensor Business Unit. “This part is ideal for obtaining speed and duty cycle information for position and timing applications.”

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