New desktop power supplies offer the latest energy-efficiency standards

30-10-2018 | XP | Power

XP Power has a new 8W and 12W single-output high-efficiency desktop power supply series that satisfy the latest global energy efficiency standards for external supplies. The ALM85 and ALM120 use less energy in both operating and standby mode, serving to reduce environmental impact. The latest Level VI and CoC Tier 2 international standards set the conditions for average active mode efficiency, measured at 25, 50, 75 and 100% load, a minimum efficiency at 10% load and maximum power consumption at no load. The series meets all of these requirements with a comfortable margin. The ALM85 has four models with output voltage choices of either 12V/6.67A, 15V/5.33A, 19V/4.47A or 24V/3.54A, and for the ALM120 outputs are 12V/10.0A, 15V/8.0A, 19V/6.32A or 24V/5.0A. All models can work in a broad range of environments with an operating temperature range from 0C to +60C with no output power derating up to +40C. Both housings are a slim and compact design; the ALM85 has a profile of only 37mm high and footprint of 135mm x 62mm, the ALM120 profile is 38mm high with a footprint of 171mm x 68.0mm. The series power supplies are ideal for use in a broad range of sectors including instrumentation, broadcast, automation and process control, communications and healthcare applications, as well as other specialist equipment.

By Craig Dyball