Digital micromirror device for high-resolution headlight systems

28-09-2018 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

The DLP5531-Q1 Automotive DMD, from Texas Instruments, combined with the DLPC230-Q1 DMD controller and TPS99000-Q1 system management and illumination controller, gives the capability to achieve high-performance high-resolution headlight systems.

The devices 2:1 aspect ratio supports very broad aspect ratio designs, and the 1.3-megapixel resolution allows high-resolution symbol projection and adaptive driving beam applications. The device1 has more than three times the optical throughput of the preceding DLP3030-Q1 automotive DMD allowing an even greater field of view and higher lumens output. The DMD micromirror array is configured for bottom illumination which allows highly efficient and more compact optical engine designs. The S450 package has low thermal resistance to the DMD array to allow more efficient thermal solutions.

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