Ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tags for tool tracking in the aerospace industry

15-08-2018 | Kyocera | Semiconductors

In the Aerospace industry, safety issues have special importance. In case of MRO services of aircraft and spaceships, any object that is not where it is supposed to presents a high risk to safety – foreign objects which are forgotten after servicing the aircraft. Estimations show that costs within the aerospace industry amount to some billion Euros per year worldwide.

To avoid FOD, the company's robust ceramic UHF RFID tags are ideal to identify and track metal tools in the aerospace industry. RFID tags can be attached to workshop tools for its entire lifetime. The attached tag will endure harsh environments including impacts and dirt without negative effects on the reading performance due to the robust ceramic package tag. Apart from tracking metal workshop tools, it is also possible to trace aircraft components with RFID technology. The RFID tag can be attached to a component during production or during repair services. The tag can withstand the temperature differences which occur during flight operations. This makes it possible to track the path of different aircraft components.

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