SiP power management solution provides highly reliable and efficient performance

06-08-2018 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices LTM46xx ┬ÁModule Regulators are system-in-package power management solutions with built-in DC-DC controllers, power transistors, inductors, compensation components, input and output capacitors all in a compact, surface-mount BGA or LGA package.

The regulators support functions including Step-Down (buck), Step-Up (boost), and Step-Down and Step-Up (buck-boost), and are offered with a broad range of features. Select products are low-EMI solution compliant with EN55022 class B standards, CISPR 22 (Class B) & CISPR 25 (Class 5).

The compact and highly integrated design of these products meets time and space constraints while achieving highly reliable and efficient performance.

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